"Walker crafts a profound and courageous indie film that dives deep into the myriad of human sexuality and emotions."


"My Fiona pinpoints such universal experiences that I believe anyone who has ever lost somebody will easily be able to find themselves in these characters, and Jane’s journey towards acceptance and closure is something we can all be inspired by. This film excellently balances devastation and hope, making for a deeply emotional watch. Have your tissues at the ready for this one."

"My Fiona Review" By Cat Heathcote / LESFLICKS

"Bold yet nuanced, My Fiona is a compelling drama that faces death straight in the face. Walker doesn’t beat around the bush, tackling difficult ideas with confidence – mostly exuded from a strong-headed performance by Jeanette Maus."

"Walker playfully injects moments of humour and joy into her debut, providing a sense of comic relief among the emotional turmoil. Executed with elegance and humility, My Fiona definitely deserves checking out in celebration of LGBTQI+ cinema."

BFI Flare Film Festival Review - My Fiona / THE PEOPLE'S MOVIES

"My Fiona is a psychological thriller disguised as the archetypal Sundance-friendly comedy-drama, dissecting the messiness of grief while acknowledging that the only ever closure can be accepting the trauma that lies ahead."

BFI Flare 2020: Ask Any Buddy & My Fiona / FILM INQUIRY

"Fuelled both by grief and desire, their story together is sincere exploration of how non-linear and destructive a profound loss can be to one's ability to see sense."

BFI Flare Film Festival My Fiona Review /  By Becky Kukla THE DIGITAL FIX

By never reaching a conclusive answer, WALKER'S movie achieves a sweet realism despite its potential soapiness. It doesn’t resort to histrionics or overplay emotional cues. The avoidance of dramatic climaxes also reinforces the sense of an unfulfilled yearning to get closure."

My Fiona - Suicide brings more questions than answers /  QUEERGURU

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Little White Lies Magazine


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Industry Town - Podcast

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